In Turkana, which is Kenya’s biggest county only 4% have finished secondary education and 15% sat foot in primary school. We try to do everything to change this and give more children and youth the possibility.

9 years have past since I saw the school under the tree in Lokichoggio in North-Eastern Kenya. A sight I will never forget. The children, about a hundred, was sitting there on the dusty ground surrounded by a strong and hot wind. Some of them without clothes, some laying sick on the ground, many of them holding yellow plastic containers in their hands. When I asked what they were for they answered: They use to get some maize porridge when they come to school. But today it is too windy to lit the fire. There won’t be any food today. The movement and sensation of powerlessness is still deeply in my memory but also the burning fire and energy flow that started there and then: Something has to be done!!!!

When I now look at the school, see the 554 children hissing the flag on a Friday morning, cueing for food, jumping in the sand box, celebrating their annual birthdays, eagerly studying inside and outside their class rooms and getting their weekly fruit/vegetable a stream of thankfulness goes through my body. What a MIRACLE!!!

Last year the permanent registration was granted and yesterday we got the message from Micheal, our headmaster, that our school has been registered as a KCPE Center with the right to take our 8 graders through the national exams next year 2018. The ones who pass will then get a calling letter to pursue Secondary education … that is, if they can afford it.

The school runs a private school, which is the only way right now for it to develop into a good center for learning. Running it is a big challenge and we need more sponsors. We would need 200 new Loki Sponsors to secure the economy. Would you like to join us or to help us find more sponsors?

Let us hear from you! 


We are working underr Children’s Mission Sweden

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