Another Goal – Birgitta Hall

August 2014

In the moth of March 2008, this is what Birgitta encountered…




Hot and dusty, many tired and hungry, some of them sick too…


Trötta barn


A dream is being lifted to God…


Dröm till Gud


I May of 2010 the School under the Tree moves to the new facilities some couple of hundred meters away…




This is our latest areal picture from MAF:s Caravan of the Hannah-Emuriakin School as it stands today. Nursery school, primary school, admin block, assembly hall, green house, water tower….




Greetings to Sweden and sponsors from 450 children, 12 teachers and 8 other personnel – GLORY BE TO GOD!




There is indeed more than one reason for rejoicing!


Glada barn


This is the newly designed LokiKeA-desk, which can be adjusted for different ages and sizes. We make it locally.

Our hopes are to start manufacture for other schools and institutions. And we belive there is a market for it. Maybe the starting of a small business enterprise….




There are also toys from IKEA…




Monica and Eyapan at the school kitchen which is feeding 450 children plus staff every day. Whenever we get the funds we will also equip the primary school kitchen and get it up and running….




And there is plenty of water – enough to supply other users too. The students learn how to wash their hands properly before and after the meals which has significantly improved their health!


Vatten åt alla


Teachers’ meeting every week. Birgitta is coaching and sharing her many years of experience with the staff…




Lucy, our nursery school principle and manager of the greenhouse together with Benjamin our gardener. What a blessing with these veggies which supplement the staple food for the children! Any surplus from the garden is sold at the local market. 




And finally – we have reached another goal – the Birgitta Hall. An assembly hall for the school and other meetings and events in the community. Remains to build a stage and some few other things…! 


Birgitta Hall


Thanks to all of you who have made this dream possible!


And now – What happens next?

Our school, being registered as a private institution, doesn’t enjoy any support from the government. Our big challenge now is to get enough SPONSORS who are willing to support one or more children. The cost is 15 USD / Month and Child. This includes staff salaries, food, materials, uniforms, maintenance etc. yes just about everything in order to run the school. The parents, most of them extremely poor, are asked to contribute about 1o USD per year and child!

If you aren’t already a sponsor please don’t hesitate to contact us for further details!

You will find Birgitta’s e-mail address on the flyer (in Swedish) below. She will answer you promptly I promise!



KeA’s near future?

I’m right now in the air over Egypt with Kenya Airways, returning to Sweden from a brief visit to Loki together with another Christian Organization, World Relief, They are involved in other parts of Turkana and Kenya and have now decided to partner with us in our projects in Loki. A huge blessing!

I will return to Loki in October to continue some of the many unfinished jobs we have left behind. And I hope to get one or more volunteers to join me who are skilled in masonry, metal work, teaching etc.

Birgitta’s near future?

Birgitta has gone back to her job as teacher at the Hannaschool in Örebro for her last year before retirement. The school has generously given her 5 years leave of absence! Apart from this she is also likely to be very involved in contacting more School Sponsors, finding markets for the products from the ANA groups beading business and create more awareness of the need of long-term commitment in support of the projects in Loki. She will also join me there for Christmas and New Year. Wonderful!

Visions and dreams!

A dream lifted to God in 2008 has come true. But we haven’t stopped dreaming! With our Loki co-workers and friends in the community we’re now dreaming of a secondary school. Loki has more than 30,000 people but there is no secondary school in the community! Students have to travel all over to different boarding school – and this is also expensive. Far too many can’t afford it!

The oldest of the children from the  School under the Tree who Birgitta got to know in March 2008 are now in 4th grade. In another 4 years and they will be ready for secondary education. And that should be at our new school then! We have land just behind our primary school. Now we’re challenged to pull up our sleeves once more, lift our arms to our God in heaven and then work har to make this happen! Will you be part of it perhaps?!


Warm Greetings from 
KeA & Birgitta


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