Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

… to family, relatives, friends and sponsors!

CHRISTMAS PRESENTS … we have already received many! One was that the abandoned twins Esibitar Birgitta and Esekon Kea after more than one year’s struggle finally was taken to a home in Komotobo outside Migori, run by Trosgnistan (a Swedish mission). The relatives finally consented and signed the paper we needed … a true miracle! Now they get good care and love. We rejoice! The worst thing in the world is to see children suffer.



Another was when Losike (who was close to death but got help through an appeal by Children’s Mission) together with the disabled girl Ikimat came back to Loki to celebrate Christmas with their families. To see Losike healthy and strong and Ikimat’s joy when she was embraced by her aunty was fantastic. Both of them are placed at Trosgnistan’s Home for Disabled Children, also in Komotobo. They will go back after Christmas. At the center they get care, training and a possibility to go to school. Sponsors from Sweden make it possible.

We are also happy for several new Food Package sponsors. Now there are 80 children getting  food every week. Relatives or neighbors are taking care of these children and they are already struggling to make ends meet. So the packages are an invaluable help for them. Many of the children have lost their parents in AIDS. Fortunately, the number of HIV infected people are decreasing but the effect of the earlier high numbers is devastating. Many are dying leaving their children behind. According to the AC (Area Chief) there are about 800  children in Loki in need of help.

You who are sponsring our school children or sponsoring our school in any other way – Rejoice with us! We have managed to run the school yet another year! The children have got good education, food and fruits, time for playing and exercising, being celebrated at our yearly birthday party, got medical help when needed and lots more. Teachers and staff have been payed in time and even this year we were able to take the teachers for a study trip to Lake Turkana. Next year about 45 new children will be added which will make a total of about 550 children! We need more sponsors! If you want to be one or help us recruit more, please, contact us!

The women in the ANA Women Group continue to run the different businesses. Unfortunately the ANA Shop & Café has to shut down because of high competition  and low purchasing power. But we have other ideas that we will share with you later. The ANA Bakery and ANA Shanga – jewelry work shop are doing very well and we hope to expand next year.

This year we won’t go home to Sweden. Every other year we celebrate with all our children and grandchildren and this year they will celebrate with their spouses families. So that’s why we decided to stay in Kenya. Of course it feels a bit empty not to be close to our loved ones but time is running fast and at the beginning of April we will meet again. And then, in April we are expecting several new babies, new grandchildren! BIG JOY!! Yes, next year the increase of the brood will be remarkable! In the picture below 3 grandchildren are missing.


Autumn use to be the coolest time here in Loki with quite a number of rains. But not this year. Every day my iPhone is saying: Risk for rain 0%. We have only had one rainfall since we arrived at the beginning of October. But one day my iPhone said: Risk for rain 34%! So there is hope! My feet get very swollen in the heat and are like elephant feet in the evening. I have started to put on compression stockings. No hit in 37-39 degrees Celsius!

We have had an extremely intensive period since we came out with lots of visitors and lots of work. Through Children’s Mission we have been able to take big steps forward when it comes to bookkeeping, accounts and administration. It feels really good. But we are still in need of a younger couple to come, ready to commit themselves and work alongside us and gradually take over more and more. Where are YOU??

We are looking forward for a break. On 21 December we fly with AIMAIR to Lodwar and from there with  540 to Eldoret. There some missionary friends who used to work in Loki will come and get us. They will take us to their home in Tinderet where we will celebrate Christmas. It is a scenic place in the mountains where it is cool and fresh. Wonderful! But we have to go down to Nairobi on 26th to renew our visas. We had hoped that our application for permanent visas and work permit would be ready but NO. It takes a lot of time here. On 3rd January we fly back to Loki with MAF and then we’ll be in full swing again.

Already on 8th January Eva-Marie, George and Gunnar will be back as volunteers. They are going to help us practically during 2 months. We rejoice! They were here during autumn last year helping us. Invaluable!

My intention was to write a short post but it is hard when there is so much to tell. I could have continued telling about the village meetings, KeA’s work shop, the sewing project, new visions and dreams in 2017. But I won’t tire you any more. I will quit as I started:


Let us be lead by the star to the child in Betlehem – and give Him our gifts



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