Merry Christmas!

Light for a darkened world?

Hope for a heart of sin?

Peace for a restless soul?

Love for the lowly and outcast?

Jesus is the answer. He is the reason for the season!

Jesus said: I am the light of the world. John 8:12

We want to wish all our friends, relatives and supporters a Merry Christmas and thank you for a FANTASTIC year! A special thank you to all our volunteers and visitors for the practical help you provided. You are precious!


Next year is at the door with new exciting challenges. The two greatest are

1 – to work with our local partners and empower them with more knowledge and skills in order to manage the different projects.

2 – to get sponsors for all our 450 school children so that they can continue at the Hannah Emuriakin School. The fundraising has already begun and will mainly be done through MAF Sweden. We are deeply moved by the response so far.

Other challenges are:

  •  To equip the new section of the school with desks, cupboards, shelves and so on
  • To continue to develop the school yard with swings and other playing facilities.
  • To make showers for the children and staff
  • To make desks
  • To build more latrines – we are very happy for more funds that have been given from Erikshjalpen ABC via EFK church Hylliepark. More than 20 people have dug the pit and prepared for latrines to be put up for them. This project is tremendously helpful in increasing health and hygiene.
  • To establish a new group activity within the women’s project ANA to replace the restaurant that we had to close down
  • To develop the women’s project to become more autonomous
  • That the meetings in the villages will continue to be a source of spiritual and social development
  • That Mapendo Student Support will continue to inspire and help youth to secondary and post-secondary education
  • That we will be able to continue to support people who need urgent medical help and thereby save lives
  • That together with YOU, we may be hand reaching out to poor and vulnerable people and a tool for peace in this neglected part of the world

At the moment KeA and I are in Sweden to celebrate Christmas. We arrived on 15 Dec and will fly back to Kenya on 3rd Jan. I am grateful that my back is much better and we are looking forward with great joy to celebrate with our children and their families. We will be 22 on Christmas Eve and 24 on Christmas Day. Emil, Stina and the children will come on 27th and spend a few days with us. Stina is a nurse and had to work during Christmas.

A thing that we really think is great is that Jonas, our son, will come out to Loki with his family, wife Emma and children Hugo 9, Beninne 7 and li 2, on 23rd Jan to help us for three months. We are also expecting a volunteer Linda Vestermark the same time helping with sewing courses for the women for a month.

Every blessing / Birgitta


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