It’s SUCH a Joy!

It’s such a joy to realize what a sponsor’s money can achieve! Mary Apua is one of many students who have been supported through secondary school in our Mapendo Student Support program. Following her graduation she took a computer course at our school, the Hannah-Emuriakin Training Centre.

Today she has a proper job, as a clerk and stock keeper with a newly opened garage here in Loki, the 4 North garage. She is single-handedly developing a stock program in Excel, writes invoices, keeps track of spares movements etc. Many thanks to Student 4 Charity in Lund, Sweden who supported her through school!

Mary Apua

Mary Apua

Mary tillsammans med Maureen som sköter den digra administrationen av studiestödsprogrammet

Mary with Maureen who is our administrator and fully in charge of all the many chores in the Mapendo Student Support Program

Khadidja, nutritionist i Seeds of Peace Africa

Khadidja, nutritionist in Seeds of Peace Africa

Khadidja Youssuf has also been supported through a college training program. She is a nutritionist and was recently hired by an NGO, Seeds of Peace, Africa, which have set up office here in Loki and are focusing on developing farming initiatives, nutrition and livelihood together with local partners. Khadidja is busy visiting school after school sharing her newly acquired knowledge and skills with children and adults about methods of improving health and nutrition in the community. A big thanks to her sponsor who helped change Khadidja’s future!

dsc04406Angeline Epuyo is yet another one of our many MSS students. She graduated in 2014 and is now one of our assistant teachers at the Hannah-Emuriakin School while waiting for an opportunity to continue with a college degree.

As I write this, we have about 30 students in our program. All but a few are orphans or from extremely poor and vulnerable families. And every year, in January, we have a great number queuing up with a letter in hand pleading for help! Sadly we have to say no to many! And this is heartbreaking many times!

BUT – You could be one of those changing that – by becoming a Student Sponsor for 40$ / month.

If you feel called to help, please contact any of us for further details:

arnkea(at) or birgitta.arnlund(at)

Looking forward to hearing from you

With warm and joyful greetings from us/

KeA & Birgitta