Between Two Different Worlds

Two months have already past since we touched down in Sweden. Two exciting months with a lot of traveling, visiting children and their families, friends, our organisation Children’s Mission, churches and other relatives. We have been sleeping in 17 different beds so we truly enjoy sleeping in our own beds now for a while.

Our thoughts are frequently passing between Kenya and Sweden. Not so strange. We live in two different worlds (6 months in Sweden and 6 months in Kenya). It isn’t always easy to link them together.

In our family we are experiencing a real baby boom. Three new babies born in March and May and another one expected to peep out in the middle of August. The total amount will then be 16 grand children. Little did we know about this when we married and gave our vows in 1972. One can’t take anything for granted … we are humbly grateful for all and everything. Sitting with the little ones on my knee looking into their exploratory big eyes is like getting lost in a deep sea of eternal mystery. Who are you little child? I whisper to my self. Thanks to God for letting me be your grandma!

We left Loki as animals started to die because of the severe drought and many people in our area were facing hunger and starvation. Thanks to an appeal made by Children’s Mission we could start a project of food distribution pretty soon. This month our local partners in LEDO have made a second distribution where 2800 households have been reached. 200000SEK (22800$) have been divided on 2800 households which is about 8$ per household. How many days would we make it with 8$? Not many! My stomach tightens when I think about it.  We know that the Turkanas are survivors … but still. Let us not forget the ones who are hungry!


In Sweden we are swept in beautiful greenery and right now lilacs, lupines, rowan and rhododendron are flowering. It has been raining the last days and it smells wonderful when I open the door to our garden. A little nuthatch has moved into one of the nesting boxes that our grandchildren made last summer and we are able to follow its movements through the bedroom window.

KeA has demolished our porch, which was rapidly decaying. He is now rebuilding it, a size bigger, glassed-in, in order for it to be used even when it is cold, windy and rainy. I am taking care of the ground service, handing KeA a tool now and then. I also have time sewing, working with the ANA jewelry and prepare for the webbshop we hope to get going to increase the market for the products made by the women in Loki.

(Picture 2: Necklace made by ANA women. Many colors and length. Picture 3: Pyret showing a dress from our sewing project)



The time from midsummer and onwards is full of all kinds of activities. One HIGHLIGHT is to receive two of our local partners from Loki, Lucy and Joseph. The tickets are booked, their passports ready and we are just waiting for their visas to get through in time. We will go together to Children’s Mission’s summer conference on Öland, a famous island east of Sweden. What an experience for our friends!! … and for us!!! The other HIGHLIGHT is the annual cousins’ camp when we get to gather most of our grandchildren for a one week’s summer camp at our place.


Lucy, our rock!


Joseph, always ready!

Are you going to Loki again? is a common question. YES! Our ticket is booked on 19th September but this year we will be back for Christmas. Every other year we celebrate Christmas with our children and their families.

But first there is SUMMER … so I take the opportunity to wish all of you a really wonderful and blessed one!

With love Birgitta ♥


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